Acid/Alkaline (pH) Balance Workshop

Time Required

One day, three hours

Class Overview 


This difficult subject is fraught with confusion, as you try to sort out blood pH, saliva pH, urine pH etc., when and how to test, what the tests indicate, and what to do about restoring balance.  Acidity is the bane of modern living, affecting assimilation of minerals, vitamins and foods as well as complicating and exacerbating disease conditions. 

In this workshop NYCI will attempt to de-mystify this vital facet of your biological terrain, bringing together research from various sources like standard physiology texts, German research on circadian rhythms, little-known research by European and American experts, and a body of clinical-based evidence.  Learn the three factors most responsible for acid body chemistry, and how mineral balance, water, metabolic waste, toxins, stress, excessive protein, enzymes and hydrochloric acid production affect your Acid/Alkaline balance in positive or negative ways. 

Class is limited to twelve people. 



Tuition Rates

Call 212 968-0231 for current prices, between noon and 7 pm EST.