Herbs That Work

Time Required

One day, six hours

Class Overview 

NYCI's "Herbs That Work" workshop with herbalist Judy Vedder includes detailed workbook, blood type food charts, body system charts and herb sampling.  Focus is on practical instruction and advice in exactly how to craft an herbal regimen for yourself or your clients.  Class is limited to eight people. The class features:

  • Introduction to Herbs

  • Herbs for each body system

  • How to craft an herbal regimen for self, family, clients

  • The 21 Essential Herbs

  • Blood typing and herbs--includes 4 blood type/food type charts

  • Magic bullet herbs

  • Nano-Silver AG4O4: the successor to antibiotics is now available

  • Where do herbs fit in, and why -- help on the disease process itself from Homotoxicology’s Six Phases of Disease


None.  Whether just starting or a  seasoned practitioner, you will find this class loaded with new information.

Tuition Rates

Call 212 968-0231 between noon and 8 pm EST for current prices.