physical vascular therapy

A mat you lie on for eight minutes restores normal circulation from head to toe. Try it out. Come to the NYCI holistic clinic on your break or lunch...or rent the mat for home use. Impaired or under-supplied areas all over the body become perfused, allowing both nutrient and oxygen delivery while carrying away old metabolic by-products. White blood cell movement, formation and delivery is enhanced. Red blood cell production, delivery and function is normalized, swollen legs return to normal. Judy discovered this solution when personally recovering from deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism; it is now a major part of her personal regimen and provides therapeutic help to NYCI clients. See it here.

Organic and Wild-Crafted Herbal Products

NYCI carries a large selection of single herbs in capsule, liquid and powdered forms.  Preferred suppliers are NSP and Standard Process/Mediherb. We stock herbal formulations and combinations, notably those of John Christopher and Chinese combinations that we’ve found particularly effective with emotional issues. To order online at the same discounted rate we enjoy just click on "Sign up and become a member" and fill in the name "Judy Vedder" when asked.

NYCI has selected a handful of suppliers from the hundreds available to us, after carefully examining a vendor's procurement, processing and marketing methodologies, as well as their philosophy and track record adhering to those philosophies.  This gives us a distinct edge.  We further hone that edge by constantly self-testing the products we sell, before recommending them to our clientele.  Well over 600 phyto-nutrients are available directly from us, in most cases either wild-crafted or organically produced.