NYCI offers a range of classes and seminars, allowing students to simply satisfy their curiosity about iridology and herbs, or acquire the necessary skills and certification to become a practitioner.  

Iridology Certification Course of Studies

Module 1 teaches beginning students the basic techniques, tools and signs of Clinical Iridology

Module 2 focuses on recognizing iris signs and what they mean across the eight body systems 

Module 3 covers reading the dark brown iris, and setting up your practice 

Herbal Studies

Herbs That Work Focuses on crafting an herbal regimen for yourself or your clients

(class not required for Iridology certification)


Students need to be registered 15 days in advance for all classes.  For current price & registration, call 212 968-0231  between noon and 8 pm EST.  For current schedule, go here.


NYCI grants Basic and Advanced Certification in American Clinical Iridology upon completing Module 1, 2 and 3 classes (the Herb and Nutrition Class is optional). An Advanced Certificate requires ten documented iris readings of both dark brown and blue irides, with:

  • Eye Charts (or correctly annotated photos)

  • Evaluation checklists

  • Client Recommendations

Class Location

All classes take place in Manhattan