Recommended NYCI Graduates near you

Below are some Graduates from our program, and their areas of expertise.  We confidently recommend them as practitioners of Clinical Iridology.

Enitza Bionet, Long Island Center for Iridology

Bayport and Lindenhurst NY, phone 631 786-2320 ask about Home visits and
Advanced Certification in Clinical Iridology

Liana Robinson, Holistic Practitioner

Jamaica and Briarwood NY, phone 718 657-5941
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Amy Castelluzzo, Clinical Iridologist 

New Paltz NY, phone 845 594-1254
Also do house calls in NJ, NYC and CT
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Christian Maguire, Natural Health & Stress Management Consultant 

Northport, Suffolk County, Long Island, phone 917 334-9940
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Susan Herald-Smith Naturopath, Medical Herbalist

Milford, Auckland, New Zealand, phone 09-489-4460

Certification in Clinical Iridology

Nasir Harris ND, Clinical Iridologist

Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, NY NY phone 917 508-6970
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Kinga Papp ND, (USA) Professional Kinesiologist

Permanent practice: Charterhouse Clinic, 98 Crawford str, London, UK
Visiting practice: New York City Website:
Certification in Clinical Iridology 

Jane Trinidad-Hennes  BS, CHHC, AADP

Albany, NY,  Eastham, Massachusetts and Stamford, CT, phone 203 253-5470
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Rachelle Wintzen, Clinical Iridologist, Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Cleansing and Wellness expert

Toronto, Canada, phone 416 466 7447 
Certification in Clinical Iridology 

Debra Angilletta, Clinical Iridologist

Bergen County NJ, phone (917) 584-1540
Certification in Clinical Iridology 

Jade Johnson, Clinical Iridologist 

Greater NY area, phone (917) 684-8163
Individual and family consultations,  house calls, corporate health fairs 
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Renee Davenport, Master Herbalist 

New York, NY, phone 917 696-6302
Owner of Brio Holistics LLC or
Certification in Clinical Iridology

Michael Simmons III, CCIr, MH, MNT

Master Naturopathic Therapist
Master Herbalist
Certified Yoga Teacher
Onawa Natural Health Institute
Elkins Park, PA, phone 215 888 2972
Certification in Clinical Iridology, Advanced