What to Expect 

Your appointment at NYCI will be with Judy Vedder, CI, MH.  Appointments are Noon to Six pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and typically take about an hour.  Just bring your eyes (contact lenses won't interfere) and your health history, including a list of pharmaceuticals, vitamins or herbs you are presently using. 


We'll carefully assess your irides with a stereo microscope, chart our findings, and microphotograph your eyes.  You will have ample opportunity to discuss our assessment and will leave with a regimen that carefully targets problem areas. Email or Phone followup is included to answer your concerns and tweak the amount and schedule, so you will know exactly what is going on and why ... at each step of your experience.  Instead of blind trust of your practitioner's pronouncements, you'll get patient listening and answers in language you can understand.

Concerned about herbs?  Don't be.  New clients always ask about this.   Working with NYCI, you are a phone call away from Judy Vedder and expert answers to all your concerns.  Your workplace habits and lifestyle won't be threatened, so you can breathe easy about this.  We understand your hesitation about overriding or ignoring your own body's feelings when starting and sticking to an unfamiliar regimen--such feedback is critical to a process your body knows best!  And you won't be taking handfuls of capsules, since Judy's interventions typically are limited to just one or two at a time.  This allows constant monitoring at each stage of the particular protocol -- something that cannot be accomplished when taking multiple supportives at once.