Our Staff and History 


Judy Vedder, NYC's full time Iridologist and founder (1996) of the New York Center for Iridology, is a Clinical Iridologist, Master Herbalist, respected New York instructor and author of four textbooks.  She completed training in American Iridology (Bernard Jensen method), studying under two Naturopathic doctors, Dr. Joanne Mied and Dr. Marge Jones.

Judy combines two rare qualities: a straightforward, practical grasp of body functioning and an intuitive ability to unearth hidden issues that often baffle "reductionist" approaches to wellness.  Expect your Iridology scan to uncover unsuspected, latent issues.  Even genetic predispositions may be brought into relief as she reviews your history and current concerns with you, after a careful examination of your body's own history log, encoded in your eyes. 

Therapeutically, Judy's working knowledge of nutraceuticals, minerals, herbs and their precisely targeted action offers remedies that are safe, natural, and kind-to-the-body.  Adverse reactions, common in the medical world, are strikingly absent in the holistic realm, and Judy will tell you in advance what specific indicators to look for as you shift between a saturation, therapeutic or maintenance program.  Negative experiences with natural products, Judy has found, almost always arise from misinterpretation of cleansing or detoxing symptoms ("dieoff" or the medically-known Herxheimer Effect) -- symptoms that are actually positive, expected responses when your body is in healing mode.

Harvey Vedder, CI, is the Education and Research Director of NYCI.  Harvey and Judy have been working together for fifty seven years, the last thirteen here in NYC.  Early retirement from a Verizon engineering management spot enabled Harvey to focus his considerable research and study efforts on holistic health, an area he (and many New Yorkers) find rewarding.  His lectures in NYC are well-received, as are his articles and contributions to ongoing issues in that field.  Collaborating as a team, Harvey's broad ranging and theoretical approach coupled with Judy's down to earth practicality, often spark striking new insights into complex, over-studied but meagerly-understood health issues.  NYCI callers greeted by a male voice often are pleasantly surprised by his willingness to listen and take time to offer these insights as they bear on their own health problems.  Call him and see!